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The SBIR and STTR programs provide critically important early-stage funding for technology-focused small businesses. Learn how these programs have helped entrepreneurs advance R&D and strengthen the nation's innovation economy

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Innovative Science

Phoenix Integration

Since you can’t design a space vehicle by looking at one engineering discipline alone, multiple components need to be considered simultaneously in order to select the best choice. What would be the most fuel-efficient option? Are there lighter materials that could be used? Which design would be ready to launch the soonest?

Commercial Success

23 and Me

When genotyping solutions first came on the market, customers were thrilled they could pinpoint their ancestry and learn more about who they are and where they came from. 23andMe took this one step further, and became the only company to offer both an ancestry product and a genetic health assessment that provides customers with over 75 online reports related to genetic health risks, carrier status, wellness and more.

BioSensics, LLC

Seal of the Agency: HHS

Developed wearable sensors for automatic medical alerts.

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Seal of the Agency: NIH

Vaccines go a long way toward improving human health by immunizing us against common and not so c...

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Seal of the Agency: HHS

Development of an ancestry product and a genetic health assessment that provides customers with o...

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Seal of the Agency: DHS

SQUID-Technology™ arresting system, developed through contracts from the Department of Homeland...

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  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - Design Interactive, Inc.

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner Design Interactive, Inc., a woman-owned small business, developed a patented algorithm compatible with wrist-worn devices to provide real-time stress measurements to improve PTSD, stress, and anxiety therapy.          …

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - Bascom Hunter Technologies, Inc.

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner Louisiana-based Bascom Hunter was founded in 2010 with technology spun out of Princeton. The person firm is providing solutions for the most challenging operating environments – achieving $15M+ in Phase III funding, $25M in contracts.      …

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - Ubiquitous Energy

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner Ubiquitous Energy has successfully raised over $25M in funding from the private sector as it approaches full-scale commercialization of its transparent solar technology- the NSF SBIR program was critical in advancing the state of the technology and general transparent…

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - Referentia Systems

    2020 Tibbetts Award WinnerReferentia Systems is protecting the National Power Grid while improving its reliability and security.                            …

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - KCF Technologies, Inc.

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner KCF Technologies' SmartDiagnostics® wireless sensor products provide predictive condition-based maintenance.                           …

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - Braxton Technologies, LLC

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner Colorado-based Braxton Technologies, LLC has grown to over 120 employees and a revenue of just over $37 million since its first SBIR award in 2013 by developing and commercializing a product line for spacecraft ground control systems and simulation of those same systems…

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - ASAT, Inc.

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner Nearly 3 billion people worldwide depend on burning biomass in rudimentary stoves or open fires and are exposed to smoke with high concentrations of toxic compounds. ASAT’s Integrated Stove achieves near-zero emissions and can charge your cell phone in the process.…

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - SIMBA Chain

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner SIMBA Chain is making it easy for organizations to integrate blockchain to bolster trust, security, and risk mitigation – with no blockchain experience required.                  …

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - AM Biotechnologies, LLC (DBA Raptamer Discovery Group)

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner Raptamer Discovery Group specializes in the development of next-generation, highquality DNA molecules – called Raptamers™ – that can be used as therapeutic, diagnostic, or research agents and have been deployed to combat malaria, HIV/AIDS, and influenza virus.  …

  • SBIR-STTR-Tibbetts Award Winner - Fuchs Consulting, Inc.

    2020 Tibbetts Award Winner Fuchs Consulting, Inc. provides an innovative approach that enables bridges to be inspected without interrupting trafic, through ThermalStare.                     …